Best Motherboards for Ryzen 7 2700x Budget and Overclocking 2021

Best Motherboards for Ryzen 7 2700x Budget and Overclocking 2021

Ryzen is the microprocessor that is used for all devices like mobile, desktop, etc. it consists of a CPU that is mainly used for conventional, fanatic, and laptop segments. Ryzen is specifically designed for AMD processors as it is a novel design. Ryzen is a high-tech model which is very suitable for gaming and high-performing apps. Ryzen (series 7) 2700X is octa-core and is very efficient in multitasking. This is best for gamers especially YouTubers which link there the 1080p game videos with their channels. Ryzen is very smooth in actively playing many apps at the same time. This ryzen 2700X is considered a more high-end processor which has a price lower than Intel 8700k processors. Some of the best motherboards have been reviewed for you so that you have the best knowledge while purchasing and using them.

At a Glance:

The AMD Ryzen 7 2700x is a powerhouse of a CPU and is great for gaming, video editing, and other high-end tasks. When it comes to choosing the best motherboard for this CPU, there are several factors that you will need to consider. For instance, did you know that motherboards can be classified into two categories: AM4 or ATX? Do you have a budget in mind? What kind of chipset do you want your motherboard to support? This blog post will answer all of these questions so that you can easily find the perfect motherboard for your needs!

Best PickMSI Arsenal Gaming AMD (B450)
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Staff PickASUS ROG Strix B450-F
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Budget PickMSI Performance Gaming AMD
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MSI Arsenal Gaming AMD (B450)

Best Pick

MSI Arsenal Gaming AMD and the Ryzen 2700X is the best combination from many points to consider. This motherboard has military-style and heat sinking is its leading quality which helps your PCs is easily cooled down even the temperature of your PCs will always be in the limit. The MSI Arsenal gaming AMD comes with the best audio experience with attached high-quality audio parts. The MSI audio boost will take you into a new world of gaming leaving all of your rivals far behind. The MSI Arsenal gaming AMD has 1st and 2nd generations which allow you to relish over the game-changer music to make the game more exciting and fun. For gaming purposes the MSI arsenal gaming AMD is the best choice which has both top-notch software and hardware combination which is necessary for pre-eminent experience in the gaming community. The motherboard comes with extra slots which allows you to connect any ultra-fast storing components making you able to use many in-game benefits. This makes you able to start and load many of the applications faster while offering you to have a great impact over your rivals. The MSI Mystic Light makes you able to have control over the lightning of the PC. It consists of 16.8 million lights combinations and 10 different types to suit your theme of the game. The operator responsive lights bales to make own recombination of lights. Different merits and demerits are discussed below.


 Six SATA3 storages for in-game easiness  One DVD1 and one HDMI video inputs  Six Fan headers for best cooling experience  Six Golden audio connectors for better audio performances  One 24-pin ATX main connector and one 8-pin ATX 12 volts connectors.


  • Up to date software
  • Cool lighting combinations.
  • Outranking rivals in gaining community
  • Solid build-up


  • No C-type USB connection

ASUS ROG Strix B450-F

Staff Pick

Being a part of the republic of gamers the ASUS ROG Strix B450-F, the motherboard is suitable for gaming mindset with Ryzen processors to run on them. This motherboard has the best power supply and cooling mechanism for the PC to perform best under peak hours. The ASUS ROG Strix B450-F has five-way optimization, which can take care of difficult tasks very easily. With AURA synchronizing Technology the control over the PC’s light become easily feasible when it is combined with audio parts i.e. FX S1220 along with sonic-III, your gaming level will be out in the space. The voltage regulator module (VRM) of 6 + 2 phases brings out another world of gaming experiences. ASUS ROG Strix B450-F has its own firmware command and own applications for the first setting, maintenance, and tuning procedures which make it easier. Settings of overclocking, audio features, network, and setting up can be done according to your own desires. Being mid-ranged it has many premium aesthetics as these are manufactured especially for 9th or 10th generation processors which have maximum connectivity and also have great speed with dual M.2, onboard 802.11 AC Wi-Fi, USB 3.1, and ASUS optimum II. Its merits are described below with some of its demerits.


 Six SATA-3 storage points.  Five Analog and one optical SPDIF audio outlet.  One 24-pin ATX main connector and one 8-pin ATX 12 volts connectors  One display and one HDMI port  Six 4-pin Fan headers.  X470 Chipset


  • It has its own built-in Wi-Fi
  • Easy setup installation by firmware
  • Auto tuning system
  • One of the best cooling performances


  • Type-C port is not available.
  • No ultra-DAM support

MSI Performance Gaming AMD

Budget Pick

The MSI Performance Gaming AMD is specifically designed for supporting great storage criteria. There are 1st and 2nd generation motherboards that allow you to t link many high-speed storage devices which in turn benefits you when you are in the game. These are high-speed motherboards with fast game loading, levels of the games loads faster, and as a result, you will have an upper hand over your digital gaming enemies. The use of the MSI gaming equipment array makes you smart and even overcome many rivals in the game. This motherboard is specifically designed for gaming platforms. The up-to-date hardware and software make you ahead in online competitions and you will get a boost in your gaming skills. The performance of the PC is highly dependent on the cooling which makes it more reliable for the users. This makes you able to control the cooling of your system in several modes you desire. These motherboards are very attractive, fascinating, and mesmerizing as they have many built-in functions like Wi-Fi, supporting 3D printed parts. Having a large amount of connecting ports and slots like dual PCIe, DIMMS, USB 3.1, and M.2 the MSI Performance Gaming AMD motherboard increases the easiness of making your dream personal computer. It has many merits and demerits which are given below.


 It supports 64GB dual DDR4 memory  AMD 1st generation Ryzen processor  Support windows 7 and 10  AM4 sockets for processor  Available with high speed 3.1 USB ports  It shows seventeen effects in 1 click and it can combine Rainbow strips and RGB strips and other RGB


  • It has unlimited storage connections
  • It has better software
  • Overclocking
  • It comes with built-in Wi-Fi


  • Its color scheme is quite odd i.e. black grey and white.


Gigabyte B450 AURUS PRO motherboard is designed for 9th and 10th generation processors as well as 2nd and 3rd generation Ryzen processors. It is manufactured by keeping in mind the speed and speed and thermal responses of the systems. This motherboard is made with very durable material. Gigabyte B450 AURUS PRO comes with a built-in Wi-Fi facility and also the Ethernet cable attachment port is also available. This motherboard had quite been an excellent assemblage. This motherboard gives SSD performances even at HDD capacity which is available at a reasonable price all over the world. This SSD performance improves the response time and makes the boot very easy and short durational. The optimization of the system and responses have been great. Therefore it gives you a fast and easy experience. Some features have been described below along with some merits and demerits.


 It has four SATA-3 ports for extra storage  Five 4-pin fans are used for the cooling purposes  It comes with three audio packs for improved audio quality  For better video experience two HDMI and one port of display was present on the motherboard  Two batteries, one of which is 24-pin ATX and other is 8-pin 12 volts power supply


  • It comes with built-in Wifi and Bluetooth
  • This motherboard with excellent performance
  • I have RGB lightning along with strong features


  • Low overclocking is the main issue with this motherboard
  • Comes with ordinary VRMs

ASUS Prime X470-Pro

The ASUS Prime X470-Pro is one the best gaming motherboard which is suitable mainly for the Ryzen 7 2700x processor along with intel 8th and 9th generation core processors etc. to exploit the high speed and connection of the Dual M.2 and 2nd generation for better DRAM overclocking solidity. ASUS Prime X470-Pro comes with special optimization like the optimization of the entire system is dependent upon just one click. The ASUS prime’s optimization in 5-way overclocks the system on the good time as it is auto-tuned. ASUS Prime X470-Pro motherboard uses a different audio codec along with Realtek – the Realtek S1220A. ASUS aura synchronization software helps you to control over different colors and lights of the system. This allows you to control hundreds of colors and many lightning effects in our gaming environment. The built-in Ethernet allows a very efficient way to enable improved gaming. It has its own merits and demerits which are described as follows.


 For very high storage six SATA inputs are available  Seven fans headers (4-pin) are also present  One Display and done HDMI port are available  One optical and five audio jacks are also on this motherboard  One 24 pin EATX and one 8 pin ATX 12 volts power source is available.


  • It has a very easy BIOS setup
  • It has great efficiency and regulation
  • Overclocking is one of the main benefits of this motherboard


  • An odd color scheme with Grey, white and black

MSI B350 Tomahawk

The motherboard MSI B350 Tomahawk is the best and most affordable choice for the consumer. It gives the best quality and a great built and the cheaper price when compared with most of the products. MSI B350 tomahawk motherboard is completely compatible with AMD Ryzen 2700X both 1st and 2nd generations is outstanding for the gaming community. It is made in collaboration with VR brands so this motherboard provides you with a clear, smooth, and nicer experience of the virtual reality eagers. It upholds insignificant overclocking with no crossfire. In the event that you are searching for overclocking, at that point this one isn’t for you. It has the help yet the VRM isn’t excessively powerful and there is no help for USB 3.1 Gen2. With 6 fan headers with full control to keep your framework cool under substantial use, and water cooling prepared, this motherboard permits you to cool it in any capacity wanted. All of its features are described behind the box and some merits are as follows.


 It contains 4 SATA 3 slots for better storage options  It contains six fan headers to cool down the systems in substantial hours.  It also has six audio jack outputs for better sound and music qualities  It has many video options like it contain HDMI, DVD-D and HDMI1.4, etc.  It also contains 2 power sources, one is 24-pin ATX while the other is 8-pin CPU power connectors.


  • Cheaper in price as compared to other motherboards
  • It has an excellent built-in medium range
  • It has a lightening red slick
  • It has a highly organized design.


  • The setting up of this motherboard is quite hard
  • The weight is too much heavier make it uncomfortable in many gaming strategies.
  • Some of the MSI B350 Tomahawk motherboards will need for the older system to update.

Main points to consider for Ryzen 7 2700X processer

This is the ideal opportunity to have some Experience of the cutting edge execution which is explicitly intended for eighth and ninth era Intel Core processors, Pentium, and Celerons. It is a motherboard having a 5-way improvement like you simply need to go for a single tick to upgrade your whole framework. Release your PC full force having 5-Way Optimization and cover the opposition with adaptable AURA Sync RGB lighting. The E Gaming motherboards accompany pleasant retail bundling which has a huge AORUS logo and it contains a portion of the fundamental attributes also. In the event that you can see on the posterior of the bundling, you will see the subtleties of the board same like we can see on the bundling of AM3+ CPU. Ultra motherboards go through their AMP sound arrangement. The motherboard utilizes Realtek ALC1220 sound codec having a Smart Headphone Amp that promptly identifies impedance of your head-worn sound gadget, which forestalls issues of low volume and mutilation, and so forth. The E gaming motherboard offers a strong establishment for your next gaming assemble. Its quick natural control is significant for the effectual order of your apparatus, so it has been stacked with basic and adaptable instruments that let you wind pretty much every part of the framework. It gives tweaking from sound to capacity, so it is anything but difficult to raise all aspects of the framework to an acceptable level. Following things should be considered prior to purchase a motherboard.

The processor socket

Subsequent to experiencing the main period of choosing the structure factor, you will pick the processor socket. There are different sorts of attachments however these days just three are relevant for example LGA, PGA, and BGA. BGA attachments are not as basic as PGA in light of the fact that they can’t be redesigned as they are for all time appended to the motherboard. It additionally relies upon the attachment that you have on your motherboard and for this reason, you will consider what PC you need first and afterward go for the motherboard.

PCI Slots checking

The PCI space is an affiliation or a port that is available on the motherboard. These PCI openings are the standard kind of developments for countless years and they approve extension cards to get joined. Motherboards additionally give standard PCI openings and more modest PCI express spaces for different cards, similar to sound cards, Wi-Fi connectors, and so on. It relies upon how you will utilize your PC and you will consider whether your motherboard contains the openings to meet your prerequisites. On the off chance that you mess around you should have at any rate one max throttle PCI express X16 space. In case you’re a gamer, and in the event that you need to connect various cards, you will want for a different of those.

Storage connecting port SATA

Subsequently, it is fundamental for you to take a gander at the quantity of SATA ports you will require for every one of your drives prior to purchasing a divine being motherboard. Besides, remember this factor that you need to ensure your motherboard gives the SATA 6 gigabytes standard which can likewise be called SATA 3.0. Additionally, prior to purchasing a motherboard, you have to think about the fringe associations, for instance, a USB 3.0. At the point when you will purchase a motherboard, you should consider the quantity of SATA ports that you will require. Among the SATA ports, every single one of them approves you to connect an optical drive and capacity drive like an SSD or HDD.


If you are looking for the best gaming laptop with all of the desired characters I suggest you select a board having its own Wi-Fi port. Built-ins include Bluetooth too which is the best connectivity source nowadays.

Take a gander at the Form factor

The primary thing you have to consider prior to purchasing a motherboard is to choose a structure factor. The most widely recognized motherboards are ATX which have a more modest size and abatement the number of extension openings. At the point when you will purchase another motherboard and you don’t know about the size what one will fit impeccably, so first you have to quantify your old motherboard and contrast it and various ones. The one that fits impeccably is the correct one.


Moreover, the motherboard that you will purchase will choose the sum and sort of memory that you will have. Along these lines, prior to purchasing a motherboard, keep this factor in your brain. Notwithstanding, I would propose you purchase a motherboard that at any rate obliges 16 GB memory. Purchase a motherboard that has in any event at least 4 memory spaces. So this implies that you will have the option to introduce 2 RAM modules to have a beginning and you will have extra space for memory redesigns later on.


The most well-known trademark that would be available in your motherboard is the installed sound and this is just commendable for mid-range speakers. Besides, if the motherboard contains Bluetooth include also, consider purchasing that motherboard and they will diminish the requirement for a development card too. On the off chance that you are searching for a motherboard and can’t choose which motherboard to purchase, at that point purchase the one which as of now contains worked-in highlights since you won’t require any additional development card to purchase.

summery Best Motherboards for Ryzen 7 2700x

Best PickMSI Arsenal Gaming AMD (B450)
Check Price
Staff PickASUS ROG Strix B450-F
Check Price
Budget PickMSI Performance Gaming AMD
Check Price

Conclusion Best Motherboards for Ryzen 7 2700x

Conclusion paragraph: So, how do you find the best motherboard for your AMD Ryzen 7 2700x? Well, it depends on what kind of budget you have in mind. For example, if you are looking to spend less than $50 then an AM4 board is perfect because it will be compatible with your CPU and has a lot of features like 4 DIMM slots (up to 64GB), 6 SATA ports (1 PCIe 3.0 x16 slot); however, if you want something more high-end that can support up to 128 GB of RAM and 2 M.2 drives then an ATX would be better suited for your needs! We hope this blog post helped answer all of your questions about choosing the right motherboard for your rig

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