Best 5 Mini Keyboards 2021 for Gaming and overall

Best 5 Mini Keyboards 2021 for Gaming and overall

TV and PC remote controls are great, but have you ever tried a mini wireless keyboard? These small devices can change your life forever, making it a lot easier to navigate through your entertainment stations to enjoy those peaceful and relaxing times. There are countless of those keyboards out there. For our greatest mini keyboard article, however, we’ve selected the highest 10. As you’ll see in our comparison table and further down below within the individual reviews, these devices can quickly solve frustrating issues caused by antiquated remote controls and PC hardware. If you would like to seek out out more, continue reading!

At a Glance:

What makes an ideal Mini Keyboard

What are the essential features that make the simplest mini wireless keyboards? Here’s a quick list where we discuss them.

Ergonomic Design

Since these keyboards are handheld devices that you’ll be using for activities like gaming, it’s knowing to put your comfort first. The ergonomic design within the keyboard allows us to urge a firm grip over the device, and better yet, it helps us access all of the buttons without having to form awkward finger movements. Manufacturers are cognizant of the differences between standard and ergonomically designed keyboards. it’s an important feature that each user appreciates.

Multi-Function Keyboard

The moment you check out these devices, you recognize they’re capable of doing incredible things. They feature not only the quality keys to type but also small touchpads and control wheels to navigate through the interface. Multi-function capacities aren’t present in every keyboard device, but it’s available in most of them. meaning that you simply can use them as a keyboard, a touchpad mouse, and whilst a foreign control for your TV. Chatting, gaming, browsing online are only a few out of the various activities you’ll do with these keyboards.


Perhaps you needed one among these products for your PC, but did you recognize that they’re compatible with other devices as well? Some are compatible with TV boxes from Amazon or Android; they work on laptops and pads, and that they operate as a mouse with gesture functionalities included. Of course, any PC or TV you propose to use must be compatible with the keyboard also. However, since the latest devices feature USB ports, there shouldn’t be any compatibility issues with most of them. Now you’re conscious of the essential features these products provide, but there’s still tons more to get. Follow us in our in-depth reviews of those devices.

Best PickRii i8 Mini Wireless Keyboard
Check Price
Staff PickRii i8+ Mini Wireless Keyboard
Check Price
Budget PickANEWISH Mini Wireless Keyboard
Check Price

Rii i8 Mini Wireless Keyboard

Best Pick

During our reviews, you’ll encounter many multi-purpose keyboards, but only a couple of are capable of delivering excellence in all of its purposes. Here’s one among them.

As a gaming device used on the PC, this keyboard brings nothing but benefits to our success. it’s plug-n-play, so there’s no need for drivers. When installed, the performance is sort of satisfactory with zero latency.

The keyboard’s performance isn’t only good on the TV or consoles but outside also. It features an entire backlit keyboard, producing enough vision for each key.

Of course, the keyboard features a trackpad and an entire set of keys that you simply can use to enter information and browse online. The included air mouse is pretty cool too.

Whether people use it as a keyboard, gaming control, or TV remote, this device is among the foremost comfortable and efficient available as of today.

Just as the keyboard delivers many reasons to love it, some inconveniences may end up disappointing for you. one among those is that the shortcuts, which require extra effort. for instance if you would like to shut a window, you’d need to press three keys to urge it done.


  • The perfect gaming control
  • Compatible with many Fire TV apps
  • A proper backlit lighting system
  • Smooth and cozy
  • Covers a substantial distance


  • Lacks proper shortcuts to some actions

Rii i8+ Mini Wireless Keyboard

Staff Pick

We can’t blame you if you think that the previous pick, and this one, are the same; from the surface, they appear quite similar. So, what makes them different? The changes are noticeable at heart within the system, and we’ll mention them briefly.

This keyboard is an improved version of the previous one, created and produced by an equivalent brand. during this device, you’ll find an updated touchpad DPI with adjustable settings possible through updated technology.

One of those newer improvements is that the addition of a high-sensitivity functionality for the touchpad, delivering responses as soon as you create contact with it. Also, the 360-degree design allows you to use the keyboard just the way you would like it, as you see easier.

Not everything’s new, though. This keyboard shares some similarities with its predecessor, just like the ergonomic design, and is backlit to decorate its design and make the keys clear during the night.

Another similarity is that the easy installation, which doesn’t require drivers in the least. Turn the keyboard on, and you’ll be able to start enjoying your entertainment.


  • Sensitive touchpad with quick response
  • Plug-n-play device
  • Long-lasting battery
  • High range


  • This keyboard might be too small for a few people

ANEWISH Mini Wireless Keyboard

Budget Pick

We’re aware that this keyboard may be a multifunctional device that you simply can use for quite one task, but it’s the navigating capacity that sold it to us. it’s unbelievable how this mini keyboard makes navigating through TV menus such a smooth activity!

When you’re using the keyboard as a foreign, it allows you to type quickly into the browser to seek out what you would like. Additionally, moving the cursor seems like such an intuitive task that even inexperienced people will find it easy and fun.

Regardless of how you employ it, the keyboard responds well to your orders. If you’re using the shortcuts to require actions like switching on and off the lights, the mini keyboard delivers without making you press the buttons repeatedly.

While the keyboard is remarkable, we noticed some interesting interactions with some devices. When used on FireTV apps, the house button wouldn’t respond correctly in a number of them. You’ll need to press the ESC key to urge out of the applications.

That’s the foremost noticeable problem, though. The keyboard meets our expectations in every other area.


  • Smooth cursor movements
  • Easy to type and search results
  • Touchpad doubles as a mouse
  • Beautiful backlight


  • It is not compatible with some Fire TV apps

Perixx Periboard-407 Mini USB Keyboard

Technically, this keyboard isn’t wireless, but we’re still adding it because many of us still prefer this sort of hardware over the others. albeit this mini keyboard has its disadvantages, it’s more advantages, which we’ll discuss next.

Despite not being as portable because the previous picks, this keyboard remains a little piece measuring not quite 12.60×5.55×0.98-inch. it’s a slim product that shortens the space between the keys and therefore the mouse, reducing the time you’d spend between each action.

The keyboard isn’t that different from the normal peripheral utilized in a desktop. There are many shortcuts, including eleven keys for multimedia tasks like video, internet, and to access the emails.

These keys are both good-looking and cozy to use, delivering a fast response. The chiclet keys design adds a trendy look to reinforce our setup. Even then, there’s a minor issue with the keys, and that’s their distribution. as an example, you’ll easily confuse the Fn key when you’re trying to press the Windows key. You get won’t to it in due time, but it’s still a frustrating issue nevertheless.


  • Compact old-style keyboard
  • Quick multimedia button shortcuts
  • Beautiful keys design


  • Due to their distribution, it’s often easy to confuse some keys

ANEWKODI Mini Wireless Keyboard

This compact keyboard is your perfect choice if you always use your devices on the road. it’s easy to store it almost anywhere! When you’re out there, you’ll use it during the day, and even at night, because of the flamboyant lighting.

The amount of quick-access keys added during this keyboard is surprising too. There are buttons for shutdown, to travel back home, undo your last action, among many others. thanks to the mini keyboard’s long-range mode, it’ll transfer the info you enter albeit you’re at a substantial distance away.

Depending on what proportion you employ, the battery may last more or less. However, for the quality use time, the charge will last for quite every week. As soon because it runs low, you’ll use the charging cable included to recharge the energy lost during the times.

However, the touchpad function isn’t accurate. On most occasions, you’ll need to repeat the gestures a few of times more to try to do necessary actions, like clicking over an app.


  • Plenty of quick-access keys
  • Long-range mode
  • Durable battery life


  • The touchpad isn’t the foremost accurate

Summary Best 5 Mini Keyboards

Best PickRii i8 Mini Wireless Keyboard
Check Price
Staff PickRii i8+ Mini Wireless Keyboard
Check Price
Budget PickANEWISH Mini Wireless Keyboard
Check Price

Conclusion Best 5 Mini Keyboards

We hope our 10 best mini keyboards for TV and PC remote controls article has been helpful. It’s always a good idea to keep an eye on what options are coming out as technology changes, but don’t forget about the importance of choosing quality over quantity. The keyboard you use should be easy to type with, comfortable, and reliable! If we can help in any way please reach out. For those looking for more information about how these devices work or tips on finding the right one for your needs just give us a call or email and we will gladly provide additional guidance.

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